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Centene Corporation is a large publicly traded company and a multi-line managed care enterprise that serves as a major intermediary for both government-sponsored and privately insured health care programs. It is the second-largest publicly traded corporation based in the state of Missouri. Centene ranked No. 61 in the 2018 Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations by total revenue.

A former employee of Centene Corp. wrote "Poor communication in Centene Corp., health insurance is horrible. Training is horrible. My day consisted of sitting at my desk all day, went by fast. Repetitive work. The environment in Centene Corp. was not friendly and many people did not speak to each other."


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Former Employee - Technical Project Lead says

"company business growth does not translates to employee, very old company culture, they do no care talent."

Former Employee - Legal says

"Bad management and poor communication and leadership"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Treat employees terribly. Pay is below average."

Former Employee - Business Analyst says

"Managers and Supervisors are unqualified and deflect their incompetence by belittling others and pitting staff against each other. Some coworkers are childish and racist but management acts like they don't see or hear."

Former Employee - Senior Applications Software Developer says

"Depending on your position, you can work LONG hours, and weekends."

Current Employee - IT Service Desk Analyst says

"This company keeps growing when its not ready. When they bring on a new company they will find a reason to lay off current employees or fire them to make room for the new company person in the same position. - Pay is very lacking for what they expect - Micromanagement 100000% - The company is so far behind in technology software companies wont help them until they update the software to something recent - They will deploy to the production env with out testing or having a backup plan - They say they will promote from within but that is a lie. - IT has no basic process for anything - Documentation is lacking completely - They will over work people that are trying to move up and never promote them - You have to be in position for a year before you can apply for anything - HR doesnt know what they are doing - Most HR stuff is handled by third party since HR cant handle it"

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Centene doesn't care for its employees or its members They acted like they were going to help there members out during COVID but they just gave the run around and acted like they were going to do something and didn't they will literally fire you for any little thing they gave my team a new supe and lead and never told us who our lead was and when I asked other leads for help I got in trouble because I didn't know who my lead was when I was never advised QA is terrible you will literally fail for not asking the member for an email not to mention that they change the QA requirements every month without telling you so how are you supposed to know what's required or not doesn't make any sense This is a terrible company and you will literally get more help from your peers then your supe or lead Due to Covid most of us are working from home and they started firing people for having system issues and let me tell you that you have to use your personal phone and internet and equipment because they won't provide you with anything so if you have system issues when its not your fault it there own system and software that you download on your personal device you will get fired for anything and you have no say in it what so ever"

Former Employee - Data Scientist says

"awful managers, toxic culture, no job stability,"

Former Employee - Senior Manager says

"Where to start... general lack of interest in anything but the bottom line ($), no innovation or interest in concepts that will improve members lives or health, set on outdated and antiquated processes, no remote work, more people in the organization than not are technologically challenged, unwelcoming generally/poor onboarding, I still have yet to see any real work done I am still trying to figure out how this company is running"

Current Employee - Analyst says

"Leadership's racial biases an covert acts of discrimination are justified and explained as opportunities for the supervisor, manager, director, or VP to develop."

Social Worker (Former Employee) says

"This place was the worst professional experience of my entire life. They purchased my company three to four years ago and drove it into the ground. Poor management and oversight, lack of policies and rules, micromanaging and so many other things to name. Run, don't walk, away from this place!ColleaguesEverything"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Keep it clear, keep it low and enjoy the ride. The team culture depends on your manager. Bonuses are funny and health insurance is expensive for a family."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"sh*tty benefits, little pay, no flexibility regarding the corona virus pandemic i.e no extended time off available at no penalty to the employee. company expects YOU to supply all of your work at home equipment and use your own cell phone service to take these calls remotely, no you're not given the proper tools like a monitor or phone, nothing like that. There are WAY better places to work that offer great benefits and offer their employees proper tools to perform their job duties as well as are more understanding during this pandemic by offering their employees bonus payouts to help financially support their employees, but do we get anything like that? The answer is no, to everything you might look for in a job."

Marketing Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"The office manager does illegal Medicare billing to make her office a 5 star office. She has no compassion for people and should not be working with the public."

Care Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"The training was horrible. My supervisor in particular was not supportive and didn’t respect work/life balance. I worked very long hours in the community. They only cared about the numbers. I chose the job because a person who I truly respect recommended me. Glad I left over four years ago. Leaving was one of the best career moves that I ever made."

Project Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"The facilities department does not promote within and doesn't allow a person to grow within the company . Other departments may be different but communication within the company is poor."

Medicare/Part C - Member/Support Service Rep II (Current Employee) says

"Came to this company thru a Temp Agency. At 1st this “Centene Corp” was all that I could wish for with the promise of becoming permanent after 3 to 6 months. Speaking from experience, do not go through any Temps Agency to Centene. Centene treats all Temps like a 3rd Class Citizen. Temps will not have the same opportunity as FTE - Permanent employees, including on some center activities and promotions. During holidays, Tempe will have to work on days FTE has off. With no holiday pay or percentage. While FTE has paid holidays -days off, PTO and extra incentives for holiday“Time & a half” in which the Temp does not have that same Luxury. Including no sick time. Most recently in that Center a lot of people was getting sick that resulted in a lot of absence for both FTE & Temps. While FTE has Sick TIme Off w/ paid. Temps will have to be subject to an Occurrences due this, that ultimately resulted in more than half of Temps being “Let go”... since the 2020 year started. on top of that no health benefits for Temps as well. I blame both the Temp Agency to allow a contract company like Centene in the treatment of there Temp employees. So many great, innovative, talented, Call Center Agents , Supervisors and among others has been terminated/resign due to the unfair circumstances and treatment of the wrongly accused Agents/Supervisor that previously work under Centene Corp not only Temps but Permanent Employees as well. In which had result to the Centene “High Turnover” Percentages. Lastly be careful of company’s you give ur 100% all too because you will be the one that loses everything"

Helpdesk (Current Employee) says

"Some good managers but overall a miserable place to work. I have been there a while and recently a new director has started and has made it a miserable place to work. He has no clue."

Account Coordinator, Centene (Current Employee) says

"I do not have any positive words for this company based on the Medicare broker services dept I would not recommend working for this company, They hire people who are not qualified to be a supervisor or manager and they base good workers on how much you are willing to suck up to them in order to advance"

Commissions Specialist, Health Net (Former Employee) says

"not a great place to work not interested in saying anything further have nothing further to say Why is this system forcing me to answer further when I have nothing more to add"

Investigator (Former Employee) says

"There is nothing positive to say about the SIU. Manager turnover is an issue. Training is huge issue. The dramatics of the staff are and issue. Overall I have never heard anything positive about the SIU.NoneEverything"

Technical Support (Current Employee) says

"Worked on four projects concurrently for 16 months without title or compensation because I was led to believe it would result in a promotion. Boy was I wrong.Health insurance is goodMore employees than parking spaces, promotions limited, raises are low when they happen at all."

Care Manager (Current Employee) says

"They expect you to do everyone else’s work without any training or experience. Send you escalated claims expecting you to get them done ASAP, without any previous experience in those sort of claims. Horrible management, never in my life have I ever been treated so terribly, degraded and disrespected. They talk to you like you are a child, that needs to be talked down to... :-("

Provider Data Management Specialist I (Current Employee) says

"Management does NOT communicate well at all! It’s like playing a game of telephone by the time information makes its way to staff there are several versions that differ from the original content. That’s if staff is told anything at all."

Program Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"The people the staff the environment the culture is toxic. The training environment is delusional, it's like walking into the Lion's Den with pork chop drawers on. And it's the worst job I've ever had in my life! Everyone there is a liar! Actually hate being there!"

CSRII (Current Employee) says

"This company values those who are lucky to get into management but even those positions are a joke. Those in management look like they were chosen by luck of the draw and most of the time while you are slaving away at your job, management is taking their sweet time, joking around, and acting like they have better things they could be doing with their lives. I have never worked in a place where my past education has been so disregarded. At Centene you either hand over your soul to them or they will penalize you for it. Going to work everyday is literally walking into a building where everyone hates their job, you get penalized if you are out of adherence with your stats or if you get sick and have to miss a day, AND you are promised compensation for your work but you never get it. Not only have I become mentally and emotionally unstable due to this job but my physical health has declined as well since working here. So do yourself a favor, and don't even think about working here. You will save your health and a daily headache at that."

Provider Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Working here was awful i was in the call center for years huge favoritism and if your not in the right side of things life is terrible for you. Seeing people move on to other areas and other states with the treatment just as bad made me happy to leave."

Coding analytical specialist (Former Employee) says

"Told by tracy the supervisor that i dont need to attend the meeting as its for full time ppl and i was a temp. Meanwhile the meeting was there near my desk. Humiliating. I left then was fired. Great to not work there anymore"

Data Analyst III (Former Employee) says

"Couldn’t stand how boring it was. No work was offered. Sat staring at a computer all day. There was an odd tension in the air. Manager was suddenly weird."

Vertexer (Current Employee) says

"You only advance to another position if you know someone. It doesn't matter how good you are at your job. You are a worker bee that is it. Coming to work and doing your job great means nothing."

Ziggy says

"Pay is below average. You have to work long hours. Systems are overloaded and slow. If you make a suggestion to improve things, the managers ignore you. If you work extra hard to get a promotion your effort is not appreciated. The managers don\'t know what they are doing and seem to discriminate against older workers. Experience and hard work means nothing. Experienced and knowledgeable workers are let go to make room for inexperienced workers from acquisitions. Not a good place to work long term, even if you were able to do so."

Cholotto@yahoo.com says

"Centene is parent co for wellcare
Centene promised to help fix problems
Hasn't happened to date

Wellcare is not efficient
Wellcare isnt accepted at many
dr, specialists, hospitals etc
cuz they dont pay
Wellcare ignores the needs of.the paying cstr
Wellcare wont fix the problems
Centene ignores the problems too
People need immediate help when sick
Leaving the cstr in distress
Playing games
Threatened the cstr
Wont help fix medical issues after took $$$ for the cstr healthcare needs"

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